Sort before you move

Moving is always hard no matter if you if you are moving into your first home, moving with a family of 5 (like myself) or if you are downsizing to something smaller.

Don’t move the problem! If you have too much stuff why take it to your new house or waste money in a storage container and think that you will get to it later.

Look at what you use every day, items you use once a year, keepsakes and historical items that mean something to you. All the other items you have to make that call do I really need them?

Think about where you are going to put them in your new home. Is there a place to store these items? Do you really need them? If you have answered no what happens next?

Sell items you don’t want, Trade Me, Facebook Market place or a local Auctioneer is a good start. Charities are always in need of good quality items, have a look at who will pick items up from you or where you closest charity shop it.

Recycle as much as you can, does a local school or kindy need those buttons you have been holiding onto?

Finally dispose of, use your local rubbish bins or take a car load to the dump. Remember to stop in the recycle part first, you will be surporized at what they will take. It keeps items out of the land fill and saves you money too.

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