Whether you or a​ ​family member requires assistance in clearance for a deceased estate, help with moving or downsizing, or the decluttering of your home, Estate Matters is experienced and able to help.

We have been entrusted to sort through a lifetime of memories, treasures and items and we do this in a very respectful way.

Estate Matters do not “just throw items into a box” or “throw items into the rubbish”. We take time and care to carefully sort out preloved and loved items.

On many occasions, we have found lost items, including; jewellery, watches, photos, rings, cash and wallets. Often found in peculiar places. We are thrilled to reunite these to their delighted owners.

Recently we were involved in a large house clearance. The client had recently moved into retirement accommodation. The client had no immediate family, however, she wished many of her household items to be gifted to her extended family. We collated and arranged the transportation of these items, and began the process of sorting all the rest of the home, garage and shed.  Items to be sold,  items to be donated and items to be disposed of.  

On clearing a very large overstuffed wardrobe, hidden under a great pile of clothes, a very old 1st XV rugby cap.  It was discovered that our client’s late father played in this team for Otago Boys High in 1916 -1917. Inscribed inside the cap are the team’s results,  both wins and losses.  The extended family was so pleased that we had uncovered this treasure. The cap was reunited with the extended family and will be looked after for many years to come. 

We have so many other interesting stories to share (with permission from the families)…  so keep an eye on the Estate Matters Blog.

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