One Step at a Time

Moving House?, Downsizing?, Decluttering?, Stressed and Overwhelmed?. If the answer is YES, No Need to panic. We hope these tips and tricks from the Estate Matters team may be of use to you.

Make a plan

A great idea is to create a timeline and plan, which will set out key dates and your plan those areas you wish to execute your sorting. The key is to take one step at a time, to tackle one task at a time to avoid being overwhelmed and having piles of stuff all over the house. Start small. Divide your home into areas, e.g. spare bedroom, linen cupboard, kitchen, etc. and within that area, the task you wish to complete.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a huge area to complete sorting, so break the task into more manageable chunks. Take the kitchen; for example, your timeline could be to have the kitchen completed in a week. Your job for Monday will be the pantry, Tuesday’s task will be sorting the pot cupboard etc. etc. Your sorting will be so much more successful and achievable by sticking to the plan, and you will feel a great sense of satisfaction completing the task.

Spare room storage

Another suggestion is to start sorting is the spare bedroom ( if you have one). If you are moving, and the beds are not in use, have those beds disassembled. The spare room is ideal for storing boxes and items you wish to take with you to your new home and will keep the most used living spaces clear.

Old clothes

Most often that wardrobe in the spare room contains clothes that don’t fit into your main wardrobe and may not be worn regularly. Ask your self, “when was the last time I wore this?’’’ ‘’’will I wear this in the future?” “Does it still fit?”. By all means, do keep those sentimental clothes. I have in my wardrobe; old bridesmaids dresses that I have worn. Sadly I can’t see myself wearing these again as they won’t fit, and they are no longer “fashionable”, but it gives me great pleasure in retaining these.

Keep or not to keep?

Sort the clothes into the keep and non keep piles. These non-keep clothes can be given away or donated to charity. Recently Estate Matters were involved in an estate clearance of an elderly lady. She had kept all of her late parent’s clothes in the wardrobes. These very ancient clothes were in a terrible state: mildew and moth-eaten and we were unable to donate these.

The charities are very welcoming of good quality, clean and unstained clothes and shoes, so please dispose of accordingly. After the wardrobe has been sorted, please congratulate your self, cross that task off your list.

What is the next mission?… Watch this space

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