How long does an Estate Clearance take?

When faced with an Estate, we often get asked, “How long will it take?” We are not lawyers; we are not giving legal advice; this is our experience in the seven years of estate clearance.

A typical 3-bedroom home (not a hoarder) takes us around a week to clear, clean and have ready to be sold.

Legal time frames

Once the death certificate is granted, which takes 2-3 weeks, the next step is Probate; this is needed if the Estate is valued at over $15000. Probate is a court order confirming the Will and authentic executors can legally deal with the deceased Estate. This process can take 2 – 3 months; if the person dies without a Will, the process can take much longer; please ensure you have a current Will.

Willed items

Once Probate is granted, we take our instructions from the legal executor and make sure Will items and wishes are carried out on behalf of the Estate. For example, for a painting that was left to a relative in England, the painting would be valued, packaged, and insured by an international transport company, and then send to the beneficiary in England.

Getting the house ready to be sold

Our auctioneers or traders will take items to be sold; all proceeds go directly to the Estate. Charities will pick up donated items, and the rest will be recycled or disposed of.
We have a maintenance team that is a one-stop shop for all kinds of maintenance and repairs around your house. Our cleaning team will clean the house top to bottom, including windows, carpets and the oven.

We work with some fantastic Real Estate agents who can give you a free house appraisal.
Before we start at the Estate, we get all our ‘ducks in a row which means when we are onsite; everything happens fast. There is no going back and forwards to meet window cleaners or Real Estate people to make sure it all happens when we are there.

For more information or a free estimate, please get in touch by mobile at 022 340 5045, email or click the contact us button on our webpage

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