Getting the right things to the right place

If you are considering downsizing, relocating or de-cluttering, you may have items that you no longer require. What to do with them? Can you find them a new home?

Here a couple of stories from Estate Matters which we hope will bring some inspiration…

Three years ago, Estate Matters were instructed from a lawyer, to clear an estate of an elderly lady who had passed away and had no immediate family.

We had been instructed to do a full house clearance. On opening her garage, we were amazed at the massive volume of unopened boxes (from a moving company which were taped up). It became clear that the ladies possessions were packed up and stored when she had to move from her residence due to the Earthquake repairs undertaken in 2011. Sadly her belongings stayed in those boxes until she died. Also discovered in the corner of the garage were a large number of paint tins, drop cloths, painting equipment which was left by a painting/decorator firm who completed the repairs in 2011. Fortunately, after investigation, we were able to track down the painting company and request they come and collect their property promptly.

We commenced the task, opening boxes and sorting items which the auctioneer would deem suitable for sale, and items that were suitable for charity. The lady was a hobby doll maker, and we found boxes and boxes of porcelain dolls, doll’s clothes, doll’s parts, all doll related items. The auctioneer was not interested; the charity indicated they would be overwhelmed with too may dolls. We were reluctant to dispose of these into the rubbish. After a few telephone calls, the Dolls Hospital Christchurch was very interested in the doll related items and happy to take them. We were so grateful that these dolls would be reused and repurposed and not added to the landfill.

Last year we had a similar case, where the lady was a fantastic soft material craftsperson, with a craft dedicated room filled with craft books, scraps of material, threads, an array of treasures. Her daughter residing in the North Island did take some exceptional crafts made by her late mother, and we contacted the Craft Guild in Christchurch where they were so delighted to take and have these beautiful items for their members. The daughter was delighted that her mother’s special things would be put to good use.

Whether was are working with clients to declutter homes for sale or working on an Estate Clearance, we love finding homes for these things and thinking outside the box. As my Grandmother used to say, Waste Not, Want Not.

Dolls Donated to the Dolls Hospital

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