How to declutter when you are getting ready to downsize

We often get asked, “Where do I start to get ready to downsize to a smaller home?” It can be overwhelming when faced with sorting through a lifetime of possessions, knowing what to keep and how to disperse the rest. Items that are not needed or will not fit into the new house can be sold, donated or recycled.

We have worked with many clients to helps them get their home ready for sale. A well-presented house will mean it’s easier to sell and often will increase the value too.

Here are some are some of our top tips before you move.

  • Declutter before you move, don’t move the problem to your new home
  • Take note of the storage in the new property, a family home does not fit into a 2-bedroom villa
  • Work in one area at a time. Do one drawer/ cupboard per day, small steps each day will get you closer to moving.
  • What do you need? What do you use daily, weekly, monthly?
  • Make sure you have space for things you are going to use all the time.
  • Banana boxes from the supermarket good for packing and they are free!
  • When it comes to clothing if you haven’t worn it in the last 2 years or it doesn’t fit – donate it.
  • Start now, when it comes time to make the move it will not be so hard

Get help – family, friends or give the girls at Estate Matters a call and we can come out and give you a free quote.

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